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Generosity Campaigns

Your generosity campaign is a story worth telling. We specialize in video, print and web that will make your story come to life.


We can help you get the Word out. Welcome, Year in Review and Small Group videos are just a few ways we do this.


Want to be better known in your community? We can help make the connection.

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We help your organization continue to do good with media that helps tell your story.

Generosity Campaigns

Establishing a culture of generosity.

Summit Church in Reno, NV embarked on a two-year generosity initiative called Me to We. This video shares the church’s vision of reaching their community through a powerful metaphor of people setting up chairs in the spot where their new worship center will be built. It incorporates some great aerial drone shots as well as some smooth walking shots with the Movi M5.

Me to We Vision


Year in review.

This video allowed the church to tell the story of all God has done over the past 12 months. Combining stories alongside various statistics gives the congregation a glimpse into the impact the church is making. And the ending focuses on the overall mission of the church, getting people excited about what’s to come in the next ministry year!

Celebrating 2014


Here are some people we’ve worked with and what they said about us.

Chicago Bears
Community 4:12
Engage Burkina
Inner City Impact
Inspiration Ministries
Intentional Impact
St James
The Sanctuary
Two x Four
West Side Christian Church
Wheaton Bank & Trust
Wheaton College
  • "Community Media knows how to capture the stories of your church or organization in a clear and compelling way, and they are also extremely efficient and very fun to work with!"
    Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.54.35 PM
    Julie Bullock, Generis Partners
  • "We loved working with Community Media on our generosity initiative. They understood our language, culture and goals. They are gifted in telling the story through video and our congregation responded wonderfully!"
    Keith Moore, Dogwood Church
  • "Yesterday I had something stuck in my teeth and I got it out...I replaced a wooden slat on my daughter's bed...I boarded up a broken window...and made some new cabinets...all with your business card!"
    Giles Canter, N1 Outdoors
  • "I so appreciate the extra effort on this project. I just don't come across that much value anymore. Your work will play a significant role in helping us achieve our goals!"
    Dale DeNeal, Second Church
  • "Your videos are rocking our world!!"
    Melissa Sandel, West Side Christian Church
  • "Their team was efficient, fun and very professional. Moreover, they were 
very affordable."
    Mark Weigt, The Ridge Community Church
  • "You brought our story to life in a way that created a call to action among our employees."
    Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.50.46 PM
    Jeff Meyers, BP Petrochemicals


Be better known in your community.

Chicago Bears football players surprise a group of pee wee football kids and play a game of scrimmage. This 30-second TV spot was one of four we produced and played right before the beginning of the second half during Bears’ games.

Chicago Bears TV Commercial - Pee Wee Football


Community Media is a collective of creative people who love to tell stories.

TJ Friesen

Chief Storyteller


Michael McClure

Producer, Motion Graphics

Rob Forster


Sherry Gossman

Print Design

Jeff Ekblad

Audio Production

Emily Murphy


Not For Profit

Wheaton College says thank you.

This video is a thank you to parents of graduating seniors for entrusting their son or daughter to Wheaton College over the past four years. It brings together an emotional script read by the school’s president, along with heartfelt graduation footage and a dramatic soundtrack.

Wheaton College Thank You